HFPES Provides International Standard Fire Safety Services to Buildings,Shopping Complex,Colleges,Private and Government Organisations and So on.We Provide Complete fire Protection Equipments With ISI Marked and Authorised Devices to Buildings Under Construction.
We are Serving in this Field With Great Experience,We Install Fire Hydrants,Design and Creation Of Fire Hydrant System.Providing Rifgt Plan to Organisation Along with Pressurised Pipe Lines.

We Implement DESIGN and PLAN for Fire Safety Protection on The Building,Companies,Hospitals and Educational Organisations by Deploying Fire Safety Water Sprinklers and Foam Filled Cylinders at the Roof of Infrastructure,Apart from this Installing
All Types of ISI Marked Fire Extinguishers,
Fire Safety Buckets
Fire Hoses & Hose Boxes
Fire Rolls
HR Drums
Smoke Detectors & Fire Alarms
Sprinklers With Thermal Sensor Bulbs

We Provide Genuine Service and Spares to Clients.All Types of Spares Like
Fire Hydrants and Hydrant Accessories
Nozzles and Couplings
Valves For Hydrants and Other Equipments
Refills and All Kinds of Spares
We Provide Customised Exit Boards and Sign Board to prespective Infra structure
Safety Accessories Like Electrical Rubber Matt
Fire Safety Helmets,Shoes,Belts and Gloves

We Offer Excellent Safety Services of All Types of Industrial Safety,All Types of Electrical Safety , All Types Of Road Safety and All Kinds Of First Aid Equipments.