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Welcome to Harshini Fire Protection Equipments and Services HFPES. We are Distributors of All Types of Fire Fighting Equipments and Devices.We Provide The Complete Range of Fire Safety Equipments and Services.We Provide ISI Marked Equipments with Nominal Prices and cover all types of Fire Safety Equipments like Fire Extinguisher,Fire Buckets,Refills,All kinds of Spares,Hydrant Valves,Couplings and Nozzles of various Sizes,Fire Hoses,Fire Hose Rolls,Fire Hose Boxes,Drums and Hydrant Accessories.

We Are Suppliers of Fire Extinguishers of ISI Marked.   All Types of ISI Mark Fire Extinguishers like

Foam Type Fire Extinguishers
Carbon-di-oxide Co2 Type Fire Extinguuishers
Vapourising Liquid Type Fire Extinguishers
Wet Chemical Type Fire Extinguishers
Water Based Fire Extinguishers
Powder Type Fire Extinguishers  With Best Quality and Durability.

We Provide Fire Fighting Sand Filled Safety Buckets , Exit Boards and Sign Boards to Protect and Fight against Fire.We Supply Across Vellore District and Other Parts of Tamilnadu To All Schools,Colleges,Audtoriums,Govt Organisations.
We Cover All Types of Industrial Safety, Electrical Safety, Road Safety and First Aid Equipments.

We Offer Fire Protection Protectors Like Electrical Rubber Matts, Safety Helmets, Shoes,Fire Safety Different types of Belts and Gloves and Other types of Devices.

We are Suppliers of ISI marked Water Sprinklers Fire Safety Protection Equipments.An Hospital,Complex and Public Service Construction Or Buildings Must Equipped With Fire Safety Devices and Protection Systems.We Provide Water Sprinklers,Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarams